Discover. Create. Communicate. Maintain.

We’ll help you clear up misconceptions surrounding branding and brand development, provide answers, new tools and smart, brand-building strategies. It’s all about growing sales and sustaining profitability for your business.

Many communications firms and consultants claim to be “brand experts,” though they have no formal training or credentials in this area. It’s no wonder that business professionals are confused and wary about “brand specialists.”

We utilize a proven, proprietary branding methodology to build and maintain your brand value.

  • Research
  • Assessment
  • Brand point definition
  • Brand position development
Benefits of Branding
  • Premium prices can be obtained.
  • The product will be demanded.
  • Competitive brands will be rejected.
  • Communications will be more readily accepted.
  • The brand can be built on.
  • Customer satisfaction will be improved.
  • The product will be pulled through the distribution network.
  • Licensing opportunities can be opened up.
  • The company will be worth more when it is sold.

Marketing Plans

Discuss. Discover. Define. Distribute.

Our goal is development of a marketing plan that is practical, result-oriented, and based on facts - not theory.

We begin with a thorough internal and external assessment of your business. We’ll facilitate the meetings with your planning team, gather information, keep accurate records, review, prepare and assemble the details. This assessment provides you with a solid situation analysis.

From the situation analysis, we’ll develop action plans for internal operations and external marketing. The action plan will drive results by aligning your company’s strengths and resources with the tactics and activities for moving your business forward.

  • Research
  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing action plans
  • Advertising/public relations plans
Benefits of Planning
  • Keeps you focused
  • Allows you to make better business decisions
  • Gives you a tool to convey to others where your business is headed
  • Eliminates the feeling of overwhelm
  • Ensures you're working on the right activities
  • Saves you time by cutting out the time-wasters
  • Flexible enough to grow with your business
  • Share with staff to get everyone on the same page

Media & Trade Relations

Expose. Engage. Influence. Act.

Imagine a trade publication writing an article about your product and the benefits of this “publication-oriented” endorsement. It’s free advertisement, and ancillary endorsement, at your fingertips.

Springer Marketing & Advertising will help with reviewing media kits, defining publications, writing the copy, distributing the content and managing the process. We’ll help you make the right decision for positioning your brand.

  • Media planning
  • Placement
  • Monitoring
  • Press kits and media events
  • Releases, case studies, and features
  • Technical and new product papers
  • Research, interviews, photography
  • Editorial database management

Creative & Production

Formulate. Visualize. Develop. Launch.

Seeing is believing – or sometimes, simply understanding what your product can do. What your customer can see can be what your customer wants,  or more importantly, needs.

Our job is to communicate content that is appropriate and true to your brand. Springer Marketing & Advertising helps you with solid concepts, good writing, and targeted visuals with branded execution. We’ll help you process and simplify complicated content to formulate smart, memorable concepts, and execute them across a variety of traditional and new media.

  • Trade Magazine Advertising
  • Ad design
  • Production
  • Sales Literature and Printed Materials
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Printing
  • Direct mail advertisements
  • Full Service Production
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Trade show booth design
  • Logo and image package development

Digital Media

Digital media is a key sales and marketing requirement.

In today’s Web-centric marketplace, your website is a leading sales tool. We’ll help you design a website and outbound marketing campaign that draws buyers in to look deeper. Services include planning, competitive review, copywriting, photography, videography, programming, publishing and promotion.

  • Website development
  • Video production and photography
  • Pay-per-click management
  • E-mail marketing
  • Database development and management
  • Digital sales presentations
  • Search engine optimization

Trade Show Assistance

Position. Pre-Show. Present. Post-Follow-up.

Develop a brand position for your company before the trade shows? Before the show, it’s time to promote with pre-show mailers, invites, social media, e-mail, appointment scheduling, etc.

For the show, design a quick-read booth, refine your elevator speech and set some expectations. Remember, you are presenting to a parade of people. Make it easy for them to understand the basics of who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Qualify booth visitors and capture names for follow up.

  • Brand Message & Image
  • Pre Show Marketing Plan Strategy & Action Plan
  • E-mailers / Direct Mail
  • Videos / Photography
  • CBrochures & Printed Materials
  • Trade Show Booth Design to Delivery
  • Event Management


Industries Served

Application Experience

  • Assemblies
  • Contractors
  • Machines
  • Materials
  • Parts
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Tools


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