Our Company History

1988 - 1992

  • After working several years for a successful national promotional company, Will Springer opens agency as Will Springer & Company
  • Purchases first Macintosh computer
  • Operates from home office for 5 years
  • Hires freelancers writer Steve Cooper and designer Norman Koski
  • Changes company name to Springer Marketing & Advertising


  • Springer Marketing & Advertising moves to the rental office
  • Ricci Fender joins as Operations Manager
  • Will Springer joins the Roundtable of Advertising Agencies
  • Norman Koski hired as Creative Director


  • Systematization of financial, administrative and production processes
  • Agency migrates to a focus on technical industrial accounts


  • Joined 2nd Wind Network - international association of ad agencies
  • Completed first strategic planning session
  • Produced first gold stamped brochure


  • Completed work for first Fortune 500 company
  • Bumped out major agency for a first international account
  • Completed first video for national manufacturer
  • Produced first international direct mail for industrial client


  • Purchases/upfits 126 Underwood Road building/office space
  • Completed first international marketing activities
  • Produced trade show booth w/’Robot Slinging TVs’
  • Developed first full scale “Marketing Plan”
  • Reorganized systems/processes for improved efficiencies and account service
  • Conducted first international product introduction research in 6 countries
  • Revenues reach one million dollars


  • Produced first international trade magazine print ads
  • Developed first international trade publication media buy
  • Completed first international brand support program for acquisition
  • Produced first client ‘off site’ marketing retreat event


  • Springer Marketing & Advertising incorporates under the name Technicomm Marketing & Advertising
  • Created PowerPoint for sales support
  • Produced first full color 75 page engineering product catalog
  • Developed and distributed first bulky mailer specialty promotion item
  • Concepted new product name and roll out for a new product line
  • Provided translation services for marketing materials
  • Assist clients at Paris Trade Show with marketing and logistics


  • Will Springer consults with international client in Germany
  • Produced first ‘full-scale’ public relations press kit
  • Facilitated first long distance ‘instant messaging’ branding session
  • Developed first industrial newsletter
  • Secured first international industrial client


  • Assisted with trade/public relations damage control
  • Completed first customer ‘perception survey’
  • Designed and printed product line cards
  • Produced first website


  • Completed first international product feasibility study
  • Completed first ‘in field’ survey and research in Texas


  • Completed first animated PowerPoint segment


  • Obtained first non-profit full scale plan including research, feasibility study, business plan, marketing action plan and budget
  • Completed first ‘life like’ animation for web site application


  • Produced first on-line video
  • Conducted a nationwide distributor survey
  • Produced first wall sized product selection poster
  • Developed first funding tool – 150 page leather bound development plan


  • Created first 20’ trade show booth & graphics
  • Created brand standards manual
  • Developed first fleet vehicle signage


  • Produced first ‘how-to-video’ for technical products
  • Conducted first trademark research


  • Produced dealer marketing kit for sales support
  • Produced product templates for easy client updates


  • Conducted market-specific comprehensive marketing research study
  • Created a marketing action plan for multiple dealers
  • Facilitated team building consultation for international manufacturer


  • Assessed 30 field offices for marketing & sales readiness
  • Developed 3D graphics of technical engineered products
  • Developed comprehensive brand & tools for new company introduction
  • Creation of distributor e-commerce introduction process


  • Produced on-line technical product selection catalog
  • Design & production of kiosk explaining the technical process to laymen
  • Aerial photography of two manufacturing facilities
  • Managed logistic services for international trade show
  • Re-message, re-design and re-printing of multiple sales materials
  • Trade show attendance for tactful gathering of competitive information
  • Marketing audit to assess situation, problems and implications
  • Product planning consultation prior to market re-introduction


  • Imbedded website video for introducing new international client services
  • Intranet website for international manufacturer
  • Search engine optimization services for multiple clients
  • Sales improvement 30 store survey


  • Multi - lingual website
  • Template development for printed materials
  • Multiple online PDF catalogs


Industries Served

Application Experience

  • Assemblies
  • Contractors
  • Machines
  • Materials
  • Parts
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Tools


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